Thursday, 21 February 2008

The real co-work

Hi all. Sorry about the near two week break in posts but I have been, and still am, quite sick. Still, I feel up to posting after having visited the GallifreyOne convention on the 16th, and what a time that was! The people were very friendly and my editor David J Howe was extremely nice to talk with me for a few minutes on the current stage of publishing, which is nearing the end now. So soon... :)

Now, back to the story. :) By late August 2004 I was back from the mission in Texas and I had contacted Craig about the publication of Time's Champion. Sadly, he told me that it wasn't going to be published at all. I never found out the exact details but he told me it hadn't been rejected in the traditional sense, but nor was it being released. He was quite crushed.

I was devastated - here, with the book and story both he and I had dreamed of for years, just shy of publication, and it was gone. Well, take this for what you wish, I became immediately determined not to let this stand. So, about a week or so later, I decided to go back to the 6th Doctor/Mel story I had started to plot before I'd first spoken with Craig, but I felt it was only curteous to let him know and assure him I wouldn't use any of the ideas we'd shared without his permission.

Imagine my surprise and joy, when Craig said I could go ahead and write Time's Champion itself. It was just like that - no hassles, no uncertainties. Craig just said I could write the book. Now at the time we expected that this would only be a fun learning project, perhaps at most an e-book he might have posted on the website he was planning to set-up for himself. We didn't see, im 2004, this happening in 2008. If only he were here to see this.

So, with Craig's permission granted, in September 2004, I set out to plot and outline Time's Champion, taking Craig's notes and advice all the way. It was a very active way to finish the year. And then came January 2005, when, at an earlier GallifreyOne convention, I finally got to meet Craig Hinton in person...