Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Welcome 2008!

Hi all. I hope 2008 is starting great for everybody. :) It's amazing, but six years ago (December 31st, 2001) Craig Hinton sent me the first incomplete outline for Time's Champion, which was set in 2008 (present time zone). The story was to be released for the 2003 40th anniversary of Doctor Who. Now, with 2008 here, we've reached Time's Champion present day and the book will most likely be out this year for the 45th anniversary. This just shows how long you have to wait sometimes for a good thing. But it comes! :)

A note on the cover: as the front page says, what you see at the moment is not the final version, but we have sketch already and hopefully in the coming few months a final version, complete with the Valeyard's new costume! :) Yes, the Trial prosecutor robes are not the current fashion! :) I hope you like what is. :)

In any case, Happy New Year and onward to 2008 with hope and happiness! :) I will keep you informed on mine. :) -Chris