Saturday, 29 December 2007

A Welcome and belated Merry/Happy Christmas from Chris McKeon

Hi! This is Chris and I want to thank everyone beforehand (because no one knows about this blog yet) for their support and enthusiasm for Time's Champion. Craig and I never expected this project to become what it is right now, a novel length story. I wish he were alive to see his last story published, but I know he is happy for it. :)

I want to give my very special thanks to David J Howe for his invaluable support and help to me as an editor and guide - this story would not be here without him. I also wish to thank Simon Guerrier for his interest and efforts in this process as well. I hope to work more with these men in the future. Also thanks to Kate Orman for her friendship and insight, as well as her amazing closure story The Room with No Doors. Thanks to Paul Cornell and Robert Shearman for their kindness to me at Gallifrey conventions, the former for sharing his fond memories of Craig with me in 2006 and the latter for saying a recognizing hello at a signing after seeing me talk about the Valeyard with Craig in 2005. You are all very nice to me, someone who you never met before. :)

I will visit this blog regularly once we have a timetable for this book's publication ready and in the pipeline, so Merry and Happy Christmas and Happy New Year - 2008 is when we finally learn who and what the Valeyard really is and how the 6th Doctor really regenerated! Oh my, this is all such fun! :) -Chris