Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The site is open!

Hi all. I've just announced on Outpost Gallifrey that this website is open to the public and I hope all may come and visit and order Time's Champion! :)

I also will be using these posts to answer questions readers may have in how this story came about and how I became partnered in Craig Hinton's final project. So as not to be long-winded, I will probably tell this story in parts.

Well, here's the first part. :)

I first learned about the Valeyard in late 1998 from the Doctor Who CD game Destiny of the Doctors, from the game's library section. The idea of a second Doctor co-existing with our Doctor, and co-exisiting without a story conclusion, led me to discover all I could about the character.

Immedaitely after this, in January 1999, I visited Gallifrey One's 10th convention, where the BBC 7th Doctor novel Matrix was announced as a story featuring the Valeyard, or the Ripper as he's called there. I bought and read this story, and though I enjoyed the atmosphere of the book, I didn't discover much new about the character beyond his being a lunatic sorcerer. When I watched the Trial of a Time Lord on video later that year, I was further confused as the Valeyard in 1986 seemed to be a far more rational, bureaucratic prosecutor. This major shift in the character, without any real explanation available, made me wish for more.

Plus, I wanted to know what the Valeyard really was! :) So, I decided to write my own story. More on that later ...

Meanwhile, please visit the link on the right to order a copy of Time's Champion.