Friday, 25 January 2008

What happened next...

Hi everybody. Here's what happened after 1999. :)

As I wrote before, I wasn't satisfied with the Valeyard's portryal in the PDA Matrix and I wanted to do something about it. I remembered at the GallifreyOne convention that there would be new audios from Big Finish Productions, and I looked into them. At the time, the company stated that they had some interest in bringing back the Valeyard, and in early 2000 they also announced an open story submission policy.

So I decided to write a story with the 7th Doctor and Ace, which I eventually called The Seventh Door. This was an audio which would have featured that TARDIS team, Gallifrey, the Matrix, Romana, Vansell, the Keeper of the Matrix and ... the Hand of Omega. Yes, I had set it up that the Valeyard was unknowingly Omega who had survived Arc of Infinity but in a multi-regenerative delirium believed that he was a future Doctor. (And this is 4 years before the audio Omega where something similar actually happens-no suspicions intended of course. :) )To tie this home, I would have also featured the 5th Doctor and Peri and the 6th Doctor and Evelyn in cameoes.

The whole story revolved around how the 7th Door is stolen and the Doctor is blamed, but the Valeyard is ultimately to blame and his Omega identity is revealed to all, but exposure to the Hand gives him a new matter body, and he escapes into the cosmos ...

Looking back, the story was a little silly and continuity-laden, but I put my effort into it and it was a joy to script. I sent this off to Big Finish in the summer and waited. On September 2, 2000, I received my first rejection slip. I was crushed, but I accepted the decision. However, I also refused to let that be the end ot it. :)

I decided immediately after to come up with another Valeyard story, but with a difference: instead of causing continuity problems with making another 7th Doctor/Valeyard story, I felt that the Doctor who actually faced him on screen deserved a re-match. My thoughts turned to the 6th Doctor and Mel, thoughts which brought into contact with one Craig Hinton...

Ordering Problems

Anyone having problems clicking through from the ordering page to Paypal and getting a 'Retry' page might like to try the following, as suggested by 'Cuddly Kroton' on Outpost Gallifrey:

1. Once I got the paypal "retry" page, I double clicked the little eye with the stop sign on it at the bottom of window
2. Click "Settings..."
3. Lower the privacy setting from "Medium" to "Accept All Cookies"
4. Untick the "block pop-ups" option.
5. Try again.

Don't forget to put your settings back to normal afterwards (when you reach the "Time's Champion: Success" page)

Good luck!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

The site is open!

Hi all. I've just announced on Outpost Gallifrey that this website is open to the public and I hope all may come and visit and order Time's Champion! :)

I also will be using these posts to answer questions readers may have in how this story came about and how I became partnered in Craig Hinton's final project. So as not to be long-winded, I will probably tell this story in parts.

Well, here's the first part. :)

I first learned about the Valeyard in late 1998 from the Doctor Who CD game Destiny of the Doctors, from the game's library section. The idea of a second Doctor co-existing with our Doctor, and co-exisiting without a story conclusion, led me to discover all I could about the character.

Immedaitely after this, in January 1999, I visited Gallifrey One's 10th convention, where the BBC 7th Doctor novel Matrix was announced as a story featuring the Valeyard, or the Ripper as he's called there. I bought and read this story, and though I enjoyed the atmosphere of the book, I didn't discover much new about the character beyond his being a lunatic sorcerer. When I watched the Trial of a Time Lord on video later that year, I was further confused as the Valeyard in 1986 seemed to be a far more rational, bureaucratic prosecutor. This major shift in the character, without any real explanation available, made me wish for more.

Plus, I wanted to know what the Valeyard really was! :) So, I decided to write my own story. More on that later ...

Meanwhile, please visit the link on the right to order a copy of Time's Champion.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

A special day for Time's Champion

Hi! You know, this may sound strange, but today, January 6th, 2008, is the day Time's Champion takes place! :) So now, after 6 years, Time's Champion is finally history. :) And soon, it will be a history available to all. :) -Chris

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Welcome 2008!

Hi all. I hope 2008 is starting great for everybody. :) It's amazing, but six years ago (December 31st, 2001) Craig Hinton sent me the first incomplete outline for Time's Champion, which was set in 2008 (present time zone). The story was to be released for the 2003 40th anniversary of Doctor Who. Now, with 2008 here, we've reached Time's Champion present day and the book will most likely be out this year for the 45th anniversary. This just shows how long you have to wait sometimes for a good thing. But it comes! :)

A note on the cover: as the front page says, what you see at the moment is not the final version, but we have sketch already and hopefully in the coming few months a final version, complete with the Valeyard's new costume! :) Yes, the Trial prosecutor robes are not the current fashion! :) I hope you like what is. :)

In any case, Happy New Year and onward to 2008 with hope and happiness! :) I will keep you informed on mine. :) -Chris